Perez: "Learn to Fail" - Annotate Text

Discovering Author's Purpose-What's the Point?

1. Know why you read:  Make predictions and improve your comprehension. FAIL - F=First, A=Attempt, I=In, L=Learning
Purpose influences the way you
a) discover meaning as you read
b) access prior knowledge
c) as questions as you read
d) draw inferences from the text
e) interpret images from the text
f) determine the importance of the various elements
g) synthesize aspects of the text
h) determine the value of the text

2. Reading Tip: Skim the first two paragraphs and the last paragraph to get an idea about what the text is going to be about.

3. Read and annotate the Perez text.  Mark the ideas or sentences where you think PĂ©rez is giving advice you can use to help you best represent yourself to a college or potential employer. (For a digital copy of the text, click here)

4. Finish by Friday.  You will receive a grade on the quality of your annotations.

-->Life Lesson: Annotation is critical to helping you more thoroughly understand a text.  Work on developing your own style of annotation that works for you.  The only wrong way to annotate is to not annotate.