What's Next: Personal Letter - Reflection

Product:  Without really worrying about how well you spell or whether you are making complete sense, write a letter to a trusted person about how well you are--or are not--prepared for the next stage of your life.  Quote by Gustav Flaubert: Writing is the art of discovering what you believe


1. Review all of your notes and writings and then set them aside.  -->What's Next- Notebook

2. Set your notes aside.

3. Picture the person to whom you are writing.

4. Write for 20-30 minutes, though you may write for more.  Focus on the content and not the GUMPS of formal writing. 

Possible Ideas to Get You Started:
•• Explain why you are prepared for the next stage of your life
•• Describe your concerns
•• Tell about an event that shows your skills, including strengths and weaknesses
•• Write questions you have about the next stage of your life and answer them
•• Ask for advice about your ideas and explain why you need the advice
•• Explain why you have chosen a particular path after high school