Unit Reflection: Letter to Ms. Kutzner :-)

Part I:Snoopy sitting at a typewriter, typing

1.Review the various entries in your What's Next- Notebook Assignment

2. Consider the following questions:

1. What are some good actions that good writers do as they prepare, generate, draft, and revise writing?

2. What have you learned about being an effective reader

3. What have you learned about using writing to discover what you think?

4. What have you learned about writing as a process of decision-making?

5. What have you learned about reading and its relationship to effective writing?

Flannery O'Connor Quote: I write because I don't know what I think until I read what I say.

Part 2: Compose a "cover letter” for the work you have done in this unit. Explain what you have learned about reading and writing during this unit. Answering any or all of these questions will not only provide Ms. Kutzner with an understanding of the learning you are carrying away from this unit, but also give you the opportunity to say what you are learning and keep a record of the strategies and assumptions that shape the habits of effective readers and writers.

  • Please be honest and specific. I will also use this information as I reflect on this unit, your work, and your opinions, and make adjustments for next year.