Factoid Friday -Presentation

1. Choose the most interesting article you have read so far about your Factoid Friday topic, #1 OR #2.  Quickly review your annotations,  summary, and credibility paragraphs.  Then sign up for a discussion spot--> Click Here.

2. Briefly tell the class about your topic.  What are the big issues involved with your topic?
open book with little bubbles containing symbols representing various subjects

3. In your "Argument Essay Notebook"  record the most interesting facts about topics assigned to you:

Label: Lesson 23 (10/12): Factoid Fridays 1-4 - Presentations

--> Name: Topic - Interesting Facts

4. When it's your turn to present.  State your topic and give a brief overview of the controversy. Presentations will run during 1st period AND Discussion/Lab at 1:45.