Prompt Speed Dating - Brainstorming

Goal: Evaluate argument prompts, brainstorm detailed and specific evidence, and create a persuasive argument essay


1. Choose a group--> Group Chart 

2. Person #1, make a copy of the prompt document and share it with the other people in your group.--> HERE

3.  You will have a set amount of time to “get acquainted” with each prompt. Examine its meaning, look into its Orange sign emblazoned with "Speed Dating with Thesis Statements"deeper layers, and decide how to “make conversation” with it for a pre-write. You don’t have to actually write the essay--just explore the concepts, brainstorm/question, and list main points and concrete examples you could use if you had to write it. 

4. At the end of the set number of minutes, I will call time and you will "pass" the prompt on to the next person and receive a new one in turn. After 30 minutes, we will stop and assess your responses.

Product (ON MONDAY):  With one of the people in your group, discuss, combine notes, and write a rough draft of an AP argument essay in response to one of the prompts.  You and your partner will only write ONE essay which will be due at the end of the day.