Factoid Friday #1

1. Look up your topic on Wikipedia.Wikipedia logo being put together by stick people
2. Choose the most relevant 3-5 pages and paste them into a Google doc.  Pictures, while helpful, do not count as part of the page requirement.
3. Label your assignment: Factoid Friday 1 - Short Title of the Article.  Then put it in a folder labelled--> Factoid Fridays.
4. Read and annotate your article by highlighting important information and annotating important sections.  Short summaries of each paragraph can be particularly helpful.
5. When you are done, write a TWO paragraph summary at the bottom.  Clearly label each of these sections.
6. Write a one paragraph description explaining WHY this source is credible.  Think about what we talked about in class on Mon.
7. Create a MLA citation for your article.  You can use the "EasyBib" add-on or other citation resources to help you with the formatting.
8. This assignment is due by Friday at 10:00.--> Click here to turn it in :-)