Genre Analysis - What's Next Final Project

Directions: For this activity, you will read a paper that is an example of the genre required for your introductory Coast Guard Logoletter or essay. Read these samples in order to understand the genre patterns and requirements of your particular rhetorical situation. These letters or statements represent who you are and make an argument about your potential to not only succeed in this next step but to also fit in and show your dedication. Marine Logo

Genre Awareness and Analysis  Air Force Logo

  • As you read, look for the specific genre patterns listed below each letter option. 

  • Navy LogoNote how writers address those patterns in different ways. 

  • Consider how those patterns might be effective for you, as you represent yourself, and for your intended audience.

  • Note which patterns are included all the time and the ones that seem, based on the two samples you have, to be optional.

Army LogoProcess: Choose the correct samples and questions for your chosen final project.  It is due THURSDAY.