What's Next - Introduction Read-Around

1. Join your breakout group.
2. Have one person in your group make a copy of the doc below and share it with the people in your group and with Ms. Kutzner (kutznerk@chowchillahigh.org)--> Click Here
3. Copy and paste your introduction into the doc that was shared with your group.
4. Read each introduction and complete your assigned reader role.  Make your suggestions using the "Comment Feature" in Google Docs. To decide who starts with which reader role, alphabetize your first names.  The first person on the list is reader 1, the second will be reader 2, etc.  After you read your first paragraph, be the next reader on the list for the next essay.  (Ex. I start as Reader 3 for my first paragraph.  Then I'll be reader 4 for the next, etc.)
-->Reader 1: What was the most effective part of the hook?   What would make it more engaging?
-->Reader 2: How was the use of detail in the body of the paragraph?  What would make it better?  Where could there be more detail?
-->Reader 3: How was the concluding sentence(s)?  What would make this section more persuasive?
-->Reader 4: What three words would you use to describe the writer's ethos/persona?  What could the writer do or include to make him/her seem more credible?
-->Reader 5: Review the comments and work on revising your paragraph. When you are done, copy and paste the revised paragraph into your own essay.