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-->Lesson 8 (9/3) - Freeman 3; Joyce 1 Freeman: Thesis Statement

Directions: Write a comprehensive thesis statement that addresses the following Q2 prompt:Victorian lady with lots of cats

The following excerpt is from The New England Nun by Mary Freeman, written in 1891. At the conclusion of this passage, Louisa is described as an "uncloistered nun."  Read the passage carefully.  Then, in a ...

-->Lesson 10-11 (9/10-9/14): Chopin 1-2 Chopin - Symbolism

1. Choose your group's best symbol paragraph and turn it in.  Do not Birds escaping a cage with the title "Freedom"duplicate the group's posting.  Just type your group number in the answer box if you are not the person in charge of pasting the paragraph.

2. Reply to one.   Choose one that has no responses or fewest responses.

Here is the link ...

-->Lesson 19-20 (10/1 & 10/5) -Hemingway 1-2 Hemingway: "Hills Like White Elephants" - Forum

Step 1.  Open your story and the following form and then log into your Discussion Group--> Google Form

Step 2.  Discuss the following questions.  Then have each person responsible for recording the response for your group in the Google Form. 

  1.  (Plot) Write a one-two sentence summary of the ...