Recognizing Bias - Group Analysis

Part I: Create the ResponseTwo stick people looking at an equation on a blackboard.  On character says, "Did you read my paper on confirmation bias?"  the other responds, "Yes, but it only proved what I already knew."

1. Join your assigned Google Breakout

2. Read and analyze the Methods/Tips assigned to your group. Click Here for the Article. 

3. Have one person in your group type your group's response to the question:--> Post in Google Classroom--> HERE

a) Write the title of your section and your group's number in ( ).

b) Write a summary of the "Tip." 

c) Add some advice to the audience that makes the message relevant.


Title: 1.1 "Read the whole article carefully"

Message: Summary: It can be hard to find the bias, so it is important to read the entire article, not just parts of it

Example: It can take a long time to read and annotate the Factoid Friday articles.  Leave yourself plenty of time to do a good job.  Do a page each night and then do the writing when you are finished reading the entire article.  If you try to write the summary without reading the entire text, you won't be able to understand the author's argument and you might have difficulty identifying the bias.

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Part 2: Read each of the groups' postings.  Reply to your TWO favorite postings and describe what made each one so effective. (Be specific)

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