3 Argument Prompts: Brainstorming Concrete Evidence

Part I:

  1. Read each of the following prompts.
  2. Write one piece of SPECIFIC and CONCRETE evidence that you could use to support this position in an essay.  
  3. Post your responses to the prompts in Google Classroom

Outline of a person staring up into the vastness of space.

Part 2:

1. Choose a topic and select the appropriate page on the Google Sheets

Hedgie mommy with her baby2. Read and rate each piece of evidence on a scale of 1-6

  • 6: Soooo specific that I can clearly picture the evidence.
  • 4: A solid concrete example
  • 2: Example supports the purpose in a general way
  • 0: I like hedgehogs and think they would make adorable pets
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