Hemingway: "Hills Like White Elephants" - Forum

Step 1.  Open your story and the following form and then log into your Discussion Group--> Google Form

Step 2.  Discuss the following questions.  Then have each person responsible for recording the response for your group in the Google Form. 

  1.  (Plot) Write a one-two sentence summary of the plot.

  2. (Communication) What does this story seem to say about the role of communication in relationships?sketches of white elephants

  3. (Relationships) Do you think the couple in "Hills Like White Elephants" have a future together? Can you see any conceivable situation in which their relationship works out?

  4. (Role-reversal) How would the story be impacted/changed if Jig wanted the abortion and the man wanted to get married and keep the baby?

  5. (It's a classic) This is known as one of Hemingway's best stories. Why do you think this is? What's so great about it.

  6.  (Question) Write one interesting and thought-provoking question about this text that will help the reader look closely at the themes and issues.

Step 3.  Review postings from the other groups on the spreadsheet that was shared with you.  Thoughtfully respond to at least three of the other postings.  If a cell is highlighted, don't type in it.  You may not respond to any postings from your own group.  Responses can include additional insights or observations, thoughtful questions, responses to other people's questions / thoughts.--> Use this form for your responses.

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