Unit Introduction

Getting Ready to Read--An Overview of "What's Next? Thinking about Life After High School”orange stick people holding pens

Directions: Read the following overview of this unit.

1) For the last few years of your life, high school has made several demands on your time and energy. Many people--teachers, family, school figures, and others--have worked hard preparing you for life after high school; and while you may or may not have devoted as much time and attention as you would like to life after high school, the fact is that this stage of your life is drawing to a close and you are confronted with the age old question: What's next for me?

2) Life after high school can take many forms--some of you may be preparing for college, and others may be preparing for work of another kind. Regardless of your readiness as a student and an individual, thinking about how ready you are to enter the next stage of your life and making a few decisions about how to get started on that path are important tasks that support your potential successes. This module invites you to do just that--figure out what it is you want to do next, consider how well prepared you are for the next stage of your life, and then begin to develop plans for making the transition into life after high school.

3) During the next few weeks, you will be looking into your past experiences, figuring out where you excel and where you need more preparation, and then putting together a portfolio that will represent the work you have done to identify, assess, and then express your goals, plans, and readiness for whatever avenue of life you intend to pursue. The final expression of your research will be the development of one or two pieces of writing.

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The Prompts:

  • A cover letter to the work community or job that you wish to pursue if you believe you are more inclined to pursue a career or enter the workforce

  • A letter of introduction to your commanding officer (CO) if you plan to enter the military 

  • A personal essay for a college application if you plan on entering college.

The Assessment:
At the end of this module you will have read about different aspects of career and college life, done some reflection and writing about your own goals and plans, and participated in research about your personal vision for the future. These activities will be documented in your portfolio, and the information you generate during these activities will help you as you compose the final text for the module--a letter of introduction for work or a personal application essay for college.

         Your assessment for this unit will include the following items:

1.     A collection of shorter writings you develop to help you generate ideas,
think about your ideas, and finally make decisions about--or evaluate--the ideas you have that you will collect in your "What's Next Notebook."
2.     Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in which you provide answers to important questions regarding your application for a school or career opportunity.
3.     Your cover letter, letter of introduction, personal application essay for college.

Work in this module provides guidance and support as you investigate not just your own hopes for the next few years but also the requirements schools and workplaces will put on you as you enter the next stage of your life.

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