Key Concepts: Who are You?

Words are more than lists to memorize for a test; they are concepts, the ideas that allow us to distinguish ourselves from one another.

Some of us feel "courageous,” others feel "cautious,” and yet others may feel "indifferent” or "unconcerned.”

The task here is to

1) find the words that best match ideas about who you think you are at this stage of your lifefingerprint with identity descriptors inside.

2) to begin to unpack these words for the information they provide about your attitudes and assumptions, skills and abilities, plans and goals. The more language you have to describe yourself and what you are bringing to the next stage of your life, the more opportunities you have to represent yourself

-->What follows is a rather brief list of words, certainly not a comprehensive list, that will help you find words that name the values and abilities you are bringing to the next stage of your life.  Record a list of your top 10 choices in your "What's Next Notebook"

Label: Lesson 8 (9/3-4): Key Concepts Personality Descriptors

Personality Descriptors:


*serious *self-starter *absent-minded     *self-reliant *kind
*self-promoter *respectful *appreciative   *artistic *high self-esteem  *scientific
*dependable *realistic *selfish *positive *devoted *hungry
*determined *devoted  *self-reliant *kind *book smart *disciplined 
*determined *self-esteem    *selfish *patient *complicated *underachiever
*positive *absent-minded  *realistic *serious *happy *passionate 
*scientific   *hungry   *dependable *appreciative *self-aware *light hearted  
*self-starter *self-promoter *respectful *artistic *wishful  *angry
*goal-setter *procrastinator  *impatient *valiant  *developed *fearful
* habitual 
*family person
*street smart
*low self -esteem
 *social person  *pessimistic  *talkative  *shy person  *shine at work  *trustworthy
 *adventurous *small steps   *truthful   *enterprising  *persuasive  *mindful
 *active  *inquisitive  *responsible  *helpful    *inarticulate  *analytical  
*indispensable  *enthusiastic  *curious   *intellectual  *worrier   

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