Reading with the Grain

  • We are always reading to gather information for our writing. But sometimes we read to extend our thinking. Just as you did when you shared your key words with another person to get more information for your writing, you are using reading as a stimulus for more thought. Good reading should cause you to consider ideas or perspectives that you may not have considered on your own.
  • That is the case in this reading when we are "playing the believing game” to understand the specific advice Pérez offers about how to represent ourselves to an box with the caption - "There's no such thing as failure, only feedback"
  • As you read, underline (or put a check next to) the best advice Pérez gives about how to represent yourself, believing that the advice he gives is good advice. Mark the ideas or sentences where you think Pérez is giving advice you can use as you consider the best way to represent yourself to the community you want to enter. After re-reading the essay, go back through it again and choose THREE of the sentences you marked. 
  • Create a "dialectical journal" by copying and pasting these sentences into your "What's Next Notebook."   Next to each quote, write for a few minutes about what the quote made you think about or why you chose the quote. 

Label: Lesson 11 (9/14-15): Perez- Dialectical Journal)

-->Click here for an electronic version of the text--> Perez article

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