Introduction to Factoid Fridays

The Final Product: 6-7 page researched argument paper with a works cited.  Cartoon man reading, leaning up against a stack of books

2. Timeline: one article a week. Final paper is due on Tuesday, December 15th

3. Steps in-between: Two Infomercials, a rough draft, and lots of practice researching, debating, and evaluating credible sources.

4. HW: Review the various topics and choose your top THREE.  Only one person per class period can choose any particular topic.  Whoever submits the Google Form first will get first choice.  No forms will be accepted before 2:45 on the day of your English class: Monday (4th period) and Tuesday (3rd and 7th periods)

--> Annotated articles will be due every Friday-->The article needs to be thoroughly annotated (40 points) and have a two paragraph summary (40 points) of the author's argument and a one paragraph explanation of the author's credibility / bias (10 points), and a MLA citation (10 points).

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