Voices from the Past - Letters from the Survivors of AP Lang 2020

1. Read at least the FIVE different letters from previous AP Lang students that were assigned to you. You may read more if you like.  

Voices from the Past - Quill and Ink2. On the attached Google Form, record the number of advice letter and record at least one helpful piece of advice from that letter which will help you be more successful in AP Lang this year.

3. After you have complete the reading activity, answer the following questions on the same Google Form:

  • What are two of your strengths as a writer?
  • What are two specific areas that you need to work on as a writer. (These areas will become part of my "To Do" list as a teacher for this year)
  • List two questions you still have for me about this class or the course content?

4. After you have finished reading the Advice Letters, post your response to the following question-->"Advice about Advice Letters"

-->What was the MOST helpful piece of advice you read that will help you and other people in this class be more successful in AP Lang? 

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