Quickwrite: Hurson's Purpose and Rhetorical Strategies

Review your Hurston text and MC Questions and respond to the following question in your Zora Neale Hurston - follow your own path"Argument Essay Notebook":

-->1. In one sentence, summarize the plot of the text.
-->2. In one sentence, explain what Hurston was trying to accomplish in this text.  (What concept, idea, or argument did she want to express?)
--->3. Identify one rhetorical choice Hurston makes in this text.  What is its effect.
Example: contrasting diction - academic and colloquial: This diction reflects the conflicting nature of Hurston's experience as she is a professional anthropologist working in the rural community where she grew up.

-->Add the Label: Lesson 8 (9/3): Hurston's Purpose

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