Daytona Beach: Scoring Argument Essays (copy)

The Process:

1. Groups of teachers sitting at tables are trained how to read and score your essays. 

2. They review the prompt in detail to discern precisely what is being asked of the writer-->  Ownership Prompt

3. They are also given the discussion of the prompt--> College Board Analysis
 --> In your notebook, summarize the main problems students have with  the "Ownership" prompt.
Label: Lesson 9 (9/8): Intro to Daytona Beach and the Ownership Essay

4. Then they discuss the prompt and rubric in great detail: Click Here

5. Afterwards, they review and discuss the "Anchor Papers" (BBB, WWW, GG)--> Click Here

6. Then they practice scoring sample essays (F, B, RR, L, X, and P).  You are encouraged to work on these with other people from this class as the discussion process will help you better internalize the rubric.

7. Homework: Read and score these essays: X, P, and F.  Make notes on the text and in the margins about what works and what doesn't.  At the bottom of each essay, score each section and then give a rationale for each score.

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