Tips for Improving your Factoid Fridays

Use the following tips / thoughts to help you improve the quality of your Factoid Friday assignments:

The Language:Person using a magnifying glass to examine a group of small people

1) Texts don't "talk" - only people, and sometimes electronic devices can "talk."

2) Don't use "things" or "stuff."  Be specific.

3) Don't talk to the audience ---> "you."  Keep it formal.

The Content:

1) Summaries are OBJECTIVE.  Save your personal opinions for the final paper.

2) TWO full paragraphs of summary that cover all of the significant ideas of the passage.

3) Credibility includes bias of author AND source. 

4) Find out if the author is credible.  Do a quick search to find out.

5) Don't compliment the author.  Ex.  Ms. Smith did a great job of talking about this topic.

6) Change up the search terms you use.  Different words will yield different results.

Click Here for a copy of these tips.

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