Infomercial Introduction

Directions:  Review the expectations for creating a persuasive and interesting infomercial--> Click Here

Final Product: DUE Tues, Oct 29th

1. An Informational Commercial on your controversial topic, 3 minutes long.

  • In the first “Infomercial,” you will take a stand and persuade your audience.

  • In the second “Infomercial,” you will be arguing the opposing side.

2. Cite (briefly) three sources and give five facts as evidence to support your thesis. Include a Works Cited / Credits at the end in MLA format. Don’t just paste in the URLs.

3. Provide a significant visual with persuasive content.


1. Review the instructions for creating an interesting and persuasive infomercial.
2. View the sample infomercials found in the folder below.
3. Complete the Google Form as you view the infomercials to help you analyze what makes each of these presentations effective!

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